Develop Quantitative Tools to Articulate the Value of the Sector

How do we value the work of the social impact sector? Too many see our sector as an unnecessary expense -- a cost to be cut -- rather than a key component of our economy and a vital partner in solving our state's problems and moving Illinois forward. To demonstrate our sector's value, Forefront has developed first-in-class tools and stories to help social impact organizations talk about their economic impact and the vital role they play in our communities. These tools and resources are made for how we communicate, today. Visually, online, and socially sharable. Visit the Building a Stronger Illinois website here.

Vision: Decision makers have the tools to understand the complex and critical role the social impact sector plays in Illinois.

Recent results: Last year, we released reports illustrating statewide social return on investment in the arts and culture, environment, and youth development nonprofit fields. Also last year, we established a Nonprofit Caucus in the Illinois legislature to improve laws and legislation that impact our sector, and to educate lawmakers on the importance of the work charitable organizations do.

Working group:

Dave Clarkin
Illinois State Treasurer's Office

Rep. William Davis
Illinois House District 30

Thomas Fuechtmann
Community Memorial Foundation

Judith Gethner
Illinois Partners for Human Service

Joedy Hightower
Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation

Cristina Mancini
Illinois Comptroller Office

Diana Scanlan
Latino Policy Forum

Wendy Siegel
Millennia Consulting LLC

Nareman Taha
Arab American Family Services

Amy Terpstra
Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights

David Thompson
National Council of Nonprofits