Failing Forward: Creating a Culture of “No Blame” (Chicago)

Thursday, June 6, 2019 -
9:00am to 12:00pm CDT
Forefront Large Conference Room
208 S. LaSalle Street, #1535
This event is open to: 

Operating Nonprofit members of Forefront and the general public.

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We all make mistakes – every individual and every organization. The good news is they can be an important part of learning and growth…if we see them as opportunities for development rather than risky errors that should be feared and avoided. This workshop focuses on the attitudes and skills you can cultivate in order to learn from mistakes and help yourself and others “fail forward”.

Participants will learn to strengthen interpersonal effectiveness as well as:

  • Develop an attitude of openness to inspire trust in others
  • Stay open in challenging situations
  • Model leadership skills to help cultivate them in others
  • Validate and involve others and a create safe, trusting environment


This workshop is ideal for nonprofit and grantmaking professionals who manage staff or volunteers.

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