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Frequently asked questions regarding Forefront’s Fiscal Sponsorship. For more information please contact

Who needs a Fiscal Sponsorship?

How long does a fiscal sponsorship agreement last?


The duration of the fiscal sponsorship agreement is typically 6 months to 1 year. However, the length of the agreement may vary depending upon the type project/initiative.


What fees are associated with fiscal sponsorship?


Fees for the program vary and depend on the Model chosen and services provided by Forefront. Typically, standard Fiscal Sponsorship Fees range from 5% to 15% of all contributions received. Additionally, direct program expenses are charged as incurred.


Can I apply for a fiscal sponsorship if I have a LLC or other for-profit entity?

Forefront will consider applications from LLCs or other for-profit entities.

To be eligible, the applicant must:

What locations does the Forefront Fiscal Sponsorship cover?

Forefront works with programs within the state of Illinois. It is required that your project be headquartered in AND  51% of your project operations occur within the state of Illinois.


What can my organization expect from it’s relationship with Forefront’s Fiscal Sponsorship?


If you would like to apply for a Forefront Fiscal Sponsorship, please fill out the following form.


Fiscal Sponsor Inquiry Form

    • Please use this section to explain your goals for fiscal sponsorship and answer these questions:

    • •How can Forefront help?
    • •What are your expectations, what services do you need?
    • •Is your organization planning to use fiscal sponsorship to outsource administrative responsibilities, whether back-office tasks, or those relating to fundraising and disbursement of funds?
    • •The mission of your organization
    • • A detailed description of current (and/or past) initiatives and projects
    • • The principals involved (management and/or “sponsoring” or participating organizations)
    • • The current organizational structure
    • • Current employees or future employees anticipated



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