Mission Sustainability Initiative Consultants List

Below is a list of qualified consultants with expertise in various areas related to strategic partnerships. The Mission Sustainability Initiative team has reviewed the skills and experiences and checked references for the consultants on this list.

If you are looking for a consultant, the best practice is for an organization to reach out to multiple consultants to discuss a potential scope of work and budget. In addition, an organization should personally check the references of any potential consultant.

Note: If you are applying for the MSI grant, you are not required to select a consultant on this list. 

Aleen Bayard Inc.
Aleen Bayard

Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Cultural Integration, Human Resources Integration, Change Management, Mission/Vision/Values Work, Leadership Development, and Facilitation

Aleen Bayard is the principal of a business strategy and organizational development consulting practice hired by clients to design and manage complex organizational change and leadership development initiatives. Filling a need in the high-value added consulting market, Aleen partners with clients seeking senior counsel for projects in the cases when internal resources did not have capacity or expertise needed.

Donald Raack
Chief Administrative Officer

Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Exploration, Strategic Partnership Implementation

AltruNext helps advance the greater good. They are a professional services firm focused on supporting the financial development and general management needs of nonprofit organizations. Their associates possess over 50 years of collective experience in grant writing, donor relations, campaign management, program management, communications and business management. They offer their clients flexibility and may assist in driving strategic development initiatives, serving as support for peak workloads, or offering an experienced outsourced alternative to traditional staffing needs.

Appreciative Solutions Group
Marty McConnell
Founding Coach
Area of Expertise: Cultural Integration
Appreciative Solutions Group uses an appreciative inquiry-based approach to gather essential data directly from the knowledge and imaginations of the individuals who make up the human systems of the organizations we serve. From this data, they create materials, tools, protocols, plans, structures, visions -- whatever is needed to move those systems into a state where strengths are aligned in such a way as to make weaknesses irrelevant. In the case of strategic partnerships, typical projects focus on assessment and integration of organizational cultures, as well as assessing and merging program structures, fundraising efforts, and communication strategies.

Conlon & Dunn Public Strategies
Linda Diamond Shapiro
Senior Vice President

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Partnership Implementation, Strategic Partnership Exploration, Strategic Planning, Board Recruitment & Development, Capital Campaign Readiness, External Relations, Coalition-Building, and Governance Structure

Now in its third decade as a trusted advisor to businesses, nonprofits, civic groups and coalitions, Conlon & Dunn helps clients build complex partnerships, develop their programs and strategies, use effective engagement tools, and create high-quality external relations plans. Conlon & Dunn has helped over 200 client organizations generate broad support, aligning client interests with those of the public, decision-makers, and funders. As client organizations seek new opportunities, including new strategic partnerships, Conlon & Dunn works with boards and staffs at multiple levels to facilitate all aspects of the process.


Impact Solutions, Inc.    
Jill Misra              

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Exploration, Operational Restructure, Integration of Services

Impact Solutions, Inc. leads, creates and implements strategic initiatives within social sector organizations.  Their work is best described as capacity-building and aims to strengthen the infrastructure and outcomes of community-based agencies. You can expect a collaborative approach to their work while they serve as an extended member of your strategic team.  Services include interim CEO assignments, board/governance advisement, restructuring support, program assessment, development of strategic or operational plans, and project management of high-level initiatives. 


K.O. Strategies
Kate O'Malley
Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Exploration, and Communications to internal and external stakeholders, including donors, regarding the Strategic Partnership.
K.O. Strategies works with nonprofit organizations to manage challenging issues, communicate with target audiences, plan for the future of their organization, raise client profiles, advocate on critical goals, and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders.  They serve as thought partner to help clients tackle issues and pursue opportunities. Their services include: Strategic Planning and Facilitation; Strategic Communications; Stakeholder Relations; and Advocacy. Their facilitations for strategic planning sessions and strategy meetings are dynamic and tailored. They use best practices to help clients make the most of precious meeting time and create a solid path to move forward. They draw out participants’ ideas and creativity, leading to highly innovative and effective solutions and plans.


La Piana Consulting         
Robert Harrington           

Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Exploration, Strategic Partnership Implementation, Financial Due Diligence, Human Resources Integration

La Piana Consulting was founded in 1998, with start-up funding from three major foundations to create a powerful new resource for collaboration and strategic restructuring in the nonprofit sector.   Our consulting team is comprised of senior-level consultants who bring wisdom of experience to every engagement.   The firm's primary areas for consulting include: Strategic Restructuring (Mergers and Partnership), Strategic Planning, and Business Planning.  They have extensive experience guiding hundreds of nonprofit organizations through the processes of assessment, negotiations, implementation and integration of all levels of partnerships development (including mergers, parent-subsidiaries, administrative consolidation, joint programming, etc.). 


Mission Plus Strategy Consulting               
Jean Butzen       

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Exploration, Strategic Partnership Implementation, Leadership Transitions

Mission Plus Strategy Consulting was founded by president Jean Butzen in 2006.  Jean, having been the President/CEO of Lakefront Supportive Housing during its merger with Mercy Housing, learned that mergers and other strategic restructurings could help individual agencies and the non-profit sector as a whole. She founded Mission Plus Strategy to help other agencies with their strategic restructuring needs, and over time discovered talent in herself and her team in helping non-profits with other “big-picture” areas of need. The team at Mission Plus Strategy Consulting believes that any given non-profit’s biggest contribution is social value, and their mission is TO ACCELERATE SOCIAL VALUE. Their four practice areas, with many subspecialties, can help your agency expand its reach and deepen its impact.  Their four practice areas are:   Strategy, Structure, Leadership, and Culture


Morten Group LLC
Mary Morten
Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Exploration, Strategic Partnership Implementation, Cultural Integration, Board Recruitment/Development, and Resource Development.
Morten Group provides clients with access to unique skill sets from their diverse team of consultants who provide expertise in strategic partnerships, DEI work, cultural integration, strategic planning, board and resource development and talent searches. They customize their work for their clients to help solve complex organizational challenges providing clients with their expertise and lots of hard work all while having some fun in the process.

Primer Michaels
Beth Michaels

Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Cultural Integration, Leadership Teamwork, Board Development/Effectiveness, and Culture Studies

Since 1987, Primer Michaels accelerates leadership's ability to steward their vision for success in ways that transform:

•       Culture, characterized by engagement and continuous improvement
•       Leadership, impact realized from core values and meaningful outcomes
•       Relationships, grounded in trust
Organizational Culture:  Primer Michaels equip leaders with data-driven, practical recommendations for improving vibrancy and resiliency. In cases of potential mergers, leaders see how their core values align with those of another organization. 
Strategic Planning:  85% of plans fail to be implemented.  Primer Michael’s clients consistently beat these odds.
Leadership and Board Work: Primer Michaels help senior teams realize their potential.


SKS Consulting Services                  
Shilpi Shah          

Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Exploration, Strategic Partnership Implementation, Financial Due Diligence, Technology Integration, Operations Consulting, Financial Modeling

Shilpi Shah oversees SKS Consulting, which provides a variety of nonprofit and philanthropic consulting services. Shilpi has over 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit/public sector, consulting to organizations globally. SKS is currently managing an acquisition/merger for one of its clients. Other services include:   

  • Strategic Planning / Business Model Development – developing, writing, and implementing strategic plans; analyzing and reconfiguring business models to achieve financial and strategic goals.    
  • Financial Planning – services include:                   
    • Scenario planning and cash flow forecasting             
    • Capitalization planning             
    • Financial systems analysis             
    • Financial reporting analysis and recommendations   
  • Business Planning  
  • Evaluation/Performance Measurement and Management  
  • Operations Consulting  
  • Executive Coaching


TCC Group          
Julie Simpson  
Partner, Director of Nonprofit Strategy and Capacity Building 

Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnership Exploration, Strategic Partnership Implementation, Financial Due Diligence, Human Resources Integration, Evaluation and Assessment            

TCC Group (TCC) has a distinguished 35-year history of helping nonprofit organizations manage change, plan for the future, and increase sustainability.  They provide strategic assistance to a vast set of nonprofits, locally, nationally, and globally. They offer deep expertise in organizational development, strategic, merger and business planning, and restructuring.  They help their clients focus efforts and identify “What is Core” to the clients’ missions.  They have facilitated a number of strategic partnerships and understand the complexities nonprofits face as they seek to serve multiple stakeholder groups.  They have helped numerous organizations manage complex change processes as they address pressing issues of relevance and sustainability


Torkelson Consulting, Inc
Kris Torkelson
Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Partnership Implementation, Human Resources Integration, Staffing, Capacity Building Assessments, Operational Restructure, Operations Consulting, Leadership Transitions
Kris began consulting fulltime in 2007 after 27 years of development, administrative, HR, and operations experience in social justice nonprofits. Her practice focuses on the “people part” of strategic partnership and mergers: organizational and HR gap analysis and assessments, managing change, transition and succession planning, and HR integration. Kris provides a wide range of HR and operations services and is committed to developing the leadership and managerial skills of the next leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Wade Strategic Solutions              
Andrew Wade  
Principal Consultant     

Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Partnership Exploration, other experience includes Change Management, Culture Integration, and Internal Communications.

Wade Strategic Solutions is the consulting practice of Andy Wade, a versatile not-for-profit practitioner with over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, organizational design, employee/board communications, leadership development, and change management. Andy has consulted since 2006, and held several leadership roles, most recently as VP of Strategy & Communications at Metropolitan Family Services. Andy has been in the trenches, leading complex change initiatives under difficult circumstances. Whether you hire him as a solo consultant or have him to assemble and lead a team, you can count on high-quality, affordable services that get the job done and allow you to focus on your mission.


Wishnick & Associates  
Amy Wishnick   

Areas of Expertise:  Strategic Planning; Board Development and Governance; Executive Transition Advising with Board of Directors; Organizational, Staffing, Capacity Building Assessments

Amy Wishnick embraces your mission, values, and goals. As a trusted advisor, she works with nonprofit organizations – emerging or mature, small, mid-size, or large. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to see issues through the eyes of diverse stakeholders: executive leaders, staff, board members, and constituents. Because she works with human services, community development, arts, and education organizations, Amy is able to take what she learns in one sector and apply it to others. With skill, sensitivity, and good humor, Amy helps diverse organizations enhance their management, leadership, and adaptive capacities to be more effective.