DF Associate Members in Forbes: Philanthropy Advisors Can Help Ensure Short- and Long-Term Effectiveness

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Forbes_home_logo Several Associate Members of Donors Forum were quoted in an article on Forbes.com on the role that professional advisors can play in helping individuals and families make their philanthropy the most effective. 

The article quotes Betsy Brill, Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd; Kirk Hoopingarner, Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon; and Lee Morava, Gresham Partners. It also mentions Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a Donors Forum Member.  An excerpt:

Making sure that a philanthropic effort stays relevant well into the future can be an important part of planning, too, says Betsy Brill, president of Strategic Philanthropy Ltd. in Chicago. That's especially true if money is set aside to fund a cause after the donor dies. If the cause is, say, curing a disease, make sure there's a clear plan for where the money will go once a cure is found. Drafting legal documents in a way that allows for certain contingencies can prevent money from being tied up in a foundation that no longer makes sense.

~ Julie Strand, Communications and Development Intern