Find Tweets, Posts, Photos + More About the Donors Forum Luncheon With Nonprofit Leader David La Piana

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

JIF_NonprofitNext_Cvr,0 We were excited to welcome almost 600 guests to Donors Forum's 36th Annual Members and Forum Partners luncheon today.  The luncheon featured David La Piana, a leading thinker in the sector, speaking on the converging trends that are affecting philanthropy and nonprofits -- the same subject as a paper his consulting firm produced (PDF download).

Guests were invited to blog, Tweet, and post to a variety of social media sites using the hashtag #dfconverge.   Donors Forum is tracking those through a Twitter widget and through Google alerts, and is aggregating them here:

We will continue to posts thoughts, photos, and video responses to the luncheon in the next few weeks. 


~ the donors forum team