Highlights of the Trib’s Chicago Forward Event on Philanthropy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update as of March 25, 2011: The Tribune now has a video of the entire event here.

Donors Forum was delighted to be part of an event sponsored by The Chicago Tribune on March 16.  It was part of their new “Chicago Forward” series. Our President and CEO Valerie S. Lies opened the event with a video introduction providing an overview of Chicago-area philanthropy and nonprofits. 

Photos from the event can be found here, at Trib Nation’s Facebook page.

A good summary of the panel discussion is found here, on the Tribune’s blog, Trib Nation.  If you page down to the part of the post called “Cover It Live” and click on the arrow, you’ll see a brief ad, and then you’ll have access to running commentary about the event from the Trib’s James Janega, integrated with Tweets about the event posted by attendees using the Twitter hashtag #tribgive. 

As a precursor to the event, I spoke about philanthropy and giving with Bill Moller on his WGN radio show on March 12. An audio recording is here.

It was good to see longtime and new friends of Donors Forum at the Chicago Forward event, and I think James did a great job in live blogging the proceedings.  I’m not familiar with Cover It Live, the service he used to provide the live blogging, but it seems to be a good one. There’s a free version of it, too, making it something that grantmakers and nonprofits may want to consider for their own events.

Celeste Wroblewski, Vice President, External Relations

Video credit: The video was produced by The Chicago Tribune and is being shared with the permisson of The Chicago Tribune.