Protect America's Tradition of Giving Back

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In Illinois, the charitable deduction has generated $8 billion in giving to further the work of churches and synagogues, domestic violence shelters, early childhood programs, food banks, local theaters and dance companies, school alumni groups, and all other charitable nonprofits. But, the 100-year-old tax incentive that encourages charitable giving faces an urgent threat.

Policy Brief: Protect Nonprofit Nonpartisanship

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Forefront opposes any changes to nonprofit nonpartisanship through repealing or amending the Johnson Amendment to allow for electioneering of 501c3 organizations. Repeal of nonprofit nonpartisanship threatens public overall trust in the nonprofit sector and limits the effectiveness of nonprofits being regarded as nonpartisan problem solvers.

Bridging the Divide

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Forefront to convene nonprofit and foundation leaders across Illinois to share ideas for building just + equitable communities throughout Illinois.