Forefront Radio: The Partnership for A Safer Lake County

Thursday, September 1, 2016

"Each Member of the Partnership has dug in and taken this to heart and is working hard; it sets an example for what other counties or towns could accomplish when they collaborate." Gail Weil, Executive Director of Community Youth Network 

Editor’s note: As part of Forefront’s Mission Sustainability Initiative, we’re highlighting models of successful partnerships that have put local nonprofits on a strategic path to sustainability and growth. Click here to register for our Mission Sustainability Summit, scheduled for October 20th at Chase Auditorium.  The Summit will offer a unique opportunity for nonprofit leaders to learn about the principles and practices of strategic nonprofit alliances, partnerships, joint ventures, collaboratives, and mergers.  Participants will explore how strategic partnerships have helped nonprofits align their services, strengthen their infrastructure, and scale their missions, even in the face of reduced funding and increased demand.

In this episode of Forefront radio, we talk with Pat Davenport, Executive Director of A Safe Place (pictured, left) and Gail Weil, Executive Director of Community Youth Network (pictured, right) about a collaboration they helped form in Lake County called The Partnership for A Safer Lake County. The Partnership is made up of over 30 social service organizations committed to committed to ending violence in Lake County through public awareness, coordination of services, and advocacy.  

In the podcast, we discussed the circumstances leading up to the partnership, what the process was like and what advice they have for other organizations looking for collaborate. 

"Executive directors, line staff, everyone is coming together to roll up their sleeves. We don't have that sense of competitiveness here, no one has an agenda, rather, there's a genuine spirit of collaboration." - Pat Davenport, Executive Director of A Safe Place

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