Forefront's Response to Governor Rauner's Feb. 14 Budget Address

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
The priorities Governor Rauner outlined in his Feb. 14th state budget address are disheartening. We hope during this legislative session that political leaders and members of the General Assembly work together to craft a more reasonable budget that adequately funds human services, education, the arts, and the other missions that strengthen communities in Illinois.

Forefront’s 1,100 Members provide critical services to communities across the state. Every day nonprofits serve the vital interests of every person in every community in Illinois and employ more than half a million people. We are a major economic engine for Illinois. Nearly 14,000 social impact organizations employ 9% of the state’s workforce and represent nearly $20 billion in combined payroll. Yet the state’s ongoing fiscal crisis puts all this at risk.

The governor’s budget proposes the reduction, or the elimination, of several vital programs within the Department of Human Services and the State Board of Education, among others. While the savings from these reductions and eliminations may seem reasonable, they will present very real challenges to students, working parents, and communities throughout Illinois.

“We want to see a budget that ensures our communities thrive, and allows us to build a more vibrant Illinois,” says Forefront President + CEO, Eric Weinheimer. “

In our state’s continuing efforts to resolve its chronic fiscal crisis, too many see the social impact sector as an expense to be cut. On the contrary, our sector is a key  driver in our state's economy and a critical partner in solving our state’s problems. Forefront, and our Members, will work tirelessly with leaders and members of the General Assembly to present a budget that does not disinvest in our sector.