Policy + Advocacy Center

With decisions in Springfield and Washington, D.C. making a huge impact on grantmakers and nonprofits, we need effective voices with policy makers to promote and protect the work of the social impact sector -- and strengthen the partnership between philanthropy, nonprofits, and government.

No matter your level of experience, no matter the size of your organization, we can help you connect advocacy to your organization's mission.


Our state budget LibGuide
Find information on messaging and talking points, nonprofit lobbying, foundation lobbying, a social media tookit, a sample letter to the editor, and more.

Our position on the 2015 Illinois state budget
One of our first steps when mobilizing around protecting state funding in January, 2015 was to take a formal position on the 2015 Illinois state budget.

Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices, A.K.A. "The Purple Book"
The principles cover a wide range of important issues -- including board governance, legal compliance, responsible stewardship, and communication -- and go beyond the federal, state, and local laws. The best practices are specific steps organizations can take to implement the principles. Endorsed by the Illinois Attorney General, Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices was most recently updated in 2008 to reflect recent elgislative and regulatory changes and to align with a set of national principles published by Independent Sector.

Building a Stronger Illinois website
How do we value the work of the social impact sector? Too many see our sector as an unnecessary expense -- a cost to be cut -- rather than a key component of our economy and a vital partner in solving our state's problems and moving Illinois forward. To demonstrate our sector's value, we have developed first-in-class tools and stories to help social impact organizations talk about their economic impact and the vital role they play in our communities. These tools and resources are made for how we communicate, today. Visually, online, and socially sharable.

Fair and Accountable: Partnership Principles for a Sustainable Human Services System
Published in 2010, Fair and Accountable recommends practices that should be followed when the City of Chicago or State of Illinois contract with nonprofits to provide human services.