Our Work

Forefront is building a vibrant social impact sector for all the people in Illinois through four key strategies: Attracting Investment to the Sector, Developing Top Talent, Improving Systems and Policies, and Promoting Collective Action and Strategic Partnerships.

We provide education, advocacy, thought-leadership, and project management, working closely with our Members and collaborating with government, business, social enterprises, and other allies.

Click on the links below for details on our work, including, goals, recent results, and participating Member organizations.

For more information on our work or to become involved, please email Suzy Lee, Director of Strategic Initiatives.

Attract Investment to the Sector

Increase Individual Giving (#ILGive)
Our vision: More individuals give more money to Illinois charitable organizations.

Protect State Funding
Our vision: Charitable organizations in Illinois receive adequate state funding to fulfill their missions, build vibrant communities, and serve the needs of all residents.

Protect Charitable Incentives
Our vision: Nonprofits and grantmakers have a stable, supportive tax environment that allows them to effectively achieve their missions.

Develop Top Talent

Deliver Affordable, Accessible, Cutting-Edge Education and Training
Our vision: Nonprofits, grantmakers, and advisors have the necessary skills and understanding to do their best work.

Provide Community-Based Cohort Learning
Our vision: Nonprofits, grantmakers, and advisors exhibit strong and effective leadership and management skills.

Build Robust Member and Peer Networks
Our vision: Members share knowledge, identify best practices, and develop collaborative opportunities.

Provide Latest Research and Information Services
Our vision: Members and the public have access to high-quality research on relevant topics and emerging trends from across the nation and the globe.

Improve Systems and Policies

Advance a Sector-Focused Research Agenda
Our vision: Decision makers have the tools to understand the complex and critical role the social impact sector plays in Illinois.

Increase Funding for Real Costs
Our vision: Charitable organizations clearly articulate, and foundations cover, the real costs that are incurred to achieve their stated goals.

Advocate for Creation of an Office of Social Impact

Mobilize our Members Around Civic Engagement, Voter Registration, and Census 2020

Promote Collective Action + Strategic Partnerships

Facilitate Nonprofit Collaborations and Strategic Partnerships (Mission Sustainability Initiative)
Our vision: Nonprofits and grantmakers understand, support, and actively engage in strategic restructurings, as appropriate, as a tool for enhanced impact and sustainability.

Support Collective Action of Our Members
Our vision: Members leverage their resources to take action together on specific issues to create systemic change.

Mobilize Foundations and Nonprofits to Advance Racial Equity
Our vision: Philanthropy is more effective with new voices and perspectives informing its board and leadership, investments, and community engagement.

Develop Social Innovation Community of Practice