Peer Skill Share

Peer Skill Share fosters nonprofit capacity building and offers a professional development opportunity for nonprofit professionals.

Peer Skill Share enables nonprofits to get the kind of help they most value -- focused, tailored to their needs, and typically in person -- and be compensated for their time rather than paying a workshop fee. For foundations, the program provides a low-cost way to provide targeted technical assistance and to support organizational development across the entire grantee community.

How It Works

A nonprofit professional who needs help on a particular topic is matched with an employee of another nonprofit who has expertise on that topic. The matched partners then meet one-on-one for a two to three-hour session. Not only is the program free to both the student and the teacher, but the organization of each person is given a $200 grant, in compensation for staff time spent on the program. Please note: at this time, only grantees invited by participating funders can participate. To find out if your organization is eligible to participate, visit the Peer Skill Share website.

Funders may participate at different levels. Please contact Emily Long at

Membership in Forefront is not a requirement to participate, as either a funder or grantee.

Visit the Peer Skill Share website to see if your organization is eligible to participate and to request a Skill Share. If you have questions or would like more information, please email Emily Long at