Streamline Government Grants

The partnership between government and the nonprofits is vital to ensure that families and communities have what they need to thrive. Through grants, the State of Illinois provides support to nonprofits, as nonprofits in turn provide services to Illinois residents on behalf of the State. Over the years, this grants system has become complex and unwieldy, making it difficult for nonprofits to work with government and provide these important services. In partnership with the Governor's Office of Management and Budget, Forefront works to streamline government grants and to overhaul the state's grants management system.

Vision: Government grants cover the full cost of desired outcomes and minimize redundancy and red tape.

Long term goals:

> All charitable organizations that receive state and federal grants receive an indirect cost rate of more than 10%.
> Reporting requirements for smaller state grants are equal to or less than current standards.

Recent results: Last year, we lead a collaboration to work with the Governor's Office and legislative leaders to pass the landmark Grants Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), which will significantly improve state grant-funding systems.

Work in progress: We are working to ensure that Illinois implements rules for grants management that increase transparency and efficiency for government and charitable organizations, and the amount of overhead covered by state and federal grants. And, Forefront is working to become a member of the Budgeting for Results Commission to ensure proposed outcomes effectively support the work of the sector.

Working group: The 100+ person working group is made of up representatives from several Illinois state agencies, as well as nonprofit representatives, from a variety of sectors.