Advancing Racial Equity at Forefront: A Conversation Among Forefront Leaders

Comprised of Forefront staff, board members, and external sector leaders, Forefront’s Advancing Racial Equity (ARE) Committee is committed to supporting the advancement of racial equity on behalf of the Forefront team as well as infuse and operationalize racial equity strategies within our mission and core offerings.

Forefront’s President & CEO Monique B. Jones and Vice President of Development & Communications, Yusef Garcia, along with Raychel McBride, ARE Committee Member and Founder of Corporate KIN LLC, candidly discussed the charge of Forefront’s ARE Committee, how the sector must collectively leverage this moment, and how to heal while working to dismantle policies that sustain systemic racism.

Watch or listen to the conversation below and learn how Forefront, in partnership with our Members throughout Illinois, is activating racial equity as a core value.

We’d love to hear how your organization is approaching racial equity work. Reach out to us at, or on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram, and join us as we continue the conversation during our 2021 Virtual Summit on June 22.


Released April 8, 2021.


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