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The Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT) is an assessment and planning tool that helps nonprofits better understand their organizational capacity based on direct input from those who know the organization best – the staff and key stakeholders.  

Through an online survey, the iCAT collects anonymous input from invited stakeholders on six research-based organizational capacities. The iCAT converts the anonymous input into an online report summarizing your organizational strengths and challenges with recommendations for improvement. 

By participating in the iCAT and its research-based questions, you will reflect and learn how your organization can better deliver on its mission. Forefront will guide you through administering the iCAT, interpreting the results, and planning for improvement. 

iCAT Insights

Nonprofit best practices are well defined – we know what works and why it’s important. But implementation of best practices is far from simple. The iCAT focuses on identifying the specific implementation challenges your organization is experiencing through a multi-stakeholder input process. iCAT reports help stakeholders identify what is keeping your organization from going from good to great.

The real-time report provides scores for each of these capacities and subcapacities and highlights top strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas. The report also prioritizes a list of custom recommendations based on your organizational capacity stage and provides a capacity building plan to support your organization’s ongoing improvement.  

Click here to see a sample iCAT report.

Using the iCAT 


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