Forefront’s intent is to create a space that allows for shared learning, collaboration, and respect. For such a space to exist, all event attendees must feel safe and able to fully participate. Forefront is committed to creating an environment that fosters participation and will not tolerate harassment of any speakers, attendees, or staff. We also ask all participants to support the learning environment by refraining from soliciting funds or business during this, or any, Forefront event. 

In a virtual setting, we understand that harassment may take different forms than in person. Virtual harassment, whether sharing explicit or harmful messages through our platform or inappropriate actions via audio/video or chat, will immediately lead to expulsion from the event. Solicitation of funding or business, whether that is a direct ask, sharing information about a funding opportunity, or questions regarding how to receive funding from an organization, will result in a warning. Repeated incidents will result in expulsion from the event. 

Forefront appreciates the understanding and willingness of all our attendees to create an event that is defined by mutual respect and inclusiveness. If you experience or witness harassment of any kind, please alert a Forefront staff member by emailing  


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