Nonprofits Call on Federal Leaders to Provide COVID Stimulus and Relief Tailored to Nonprofits

January 25, 2021

On Friday, January 22, a coalition of nonprofit organizations sent an initial letter to federal leaders urging Congress and the President to enact a package of solutions tailored to the needs and realities of nonprofits serving the public good. The letter urges President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Leaders Schumer, McCarthy, and McConnell to include provisions in the next COVID relief package that accomplish the following:

  • Provide Nonprofit-Specific Grants, Forgivable Loans, and Refundable Tax Credits for All Nonprofits via a carveout or nonprofit-specific PPP relief lifting the 500-employee cap and removing the 25% decline in gross receipts in the PPP Second Draw, as well as passage of the updated WORK NOW Act and emergency grants.
  • Strengthen Charitable Giving Incentives by increasing and extending the above-the-line deduction while preserving the itemized charitable contribution deduction, all to ensure that nonprofits have the resources to serve their communities.
  • Provide 100% Unemployment Benefit Reimbursement to nonprofits that self-insure these benefits, both retroactively to 2020 and extended through the first three quarters of 2021.
  • Provide Substantial Financial Aid to State and Local Governments to avoid layoffs and cuts to essential programs and services, and to prevent the imposition by governments of new costs and burdens on their nonprofit partners.

Now that the letter has been sent, nonprofits from all subsectors and across the country need to sign on and signal a groundswell of nonprofit support to Representatives and Senators. We encourage all who are committed to the wellbeing of nonprofits and the people we serve to sign your organizations onto the letter and to share with your members and colleague organizations. Read the letter sent to the federal leaders and the statement to the news media.


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