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As a fiscal sponsor, Forefront provides administrative services, technical assistance, fiduciary oversight, and human resources for individuals and nonprofits engaged in charitable work. Fiscal sponsorship is a safe and supportive home for individuals, nonprofits, and others that are hoping to meet their mission regardless of their IRS standing, longevity, and administrative & structural efficacy.

By providing these invaluable tools and services, Forefront has worked together with numerous organizations and individuals who need help to meet their mission and enrich the people and communities in Illinois.

Fiscal sponsorship with Forefront includes:

Forefront employs four Fiscal Sponsorship models:

This service is provided to an individual or group that is not part of a separate legal business entity. This model is often best suited for projects in an “incubator” stage, as The Partner grows funding, programming and recognition of the program.

In this model, The Partner is a separate, legal entity. Forefront will confer its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to and the Partner’s contributions will be directed to and are restricted by Forefront to support activities of the Partner’s project/initiative.

The Partner is a separate, legal, non-profit entity. The Partner maintains ownership of The Program, and Forefront provides a legal framework for the fiscally sponsored projects/initiatives. The Partner, after identifying potential grant funding opportunities, will submit  and go through a formal grant request process, in partnership with Forefront. Once approved, funds and/or charitable contributions will funnel through Forefront with reporting administrated through the Partner, with approval from Forefront.


Forefront leverages the support of Converge Consulting to provide the Partner with financial management such as bookkeeping, tax returns, and other administrative tasks, that may be beyond the Partner’s internal capacity or skillset.  The Partner maintains ownership of the Project/Initiative and all funds are raised in The Partner’s name.

For more information on Converge Consulting please visit the Converge website.

Learn more about Forefront’s Fiscal Sponsorship by viewing our Fiscal Sponsorship FAQ.


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