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From 2014 – 2019, #ILGive (pronounced ‘I’ll Give’) was Illinois’ official Giving Tuesday campaign. Forefront worked through #ILGive to connect Illinois residents with causes they care about.

In the last several years, the sector’s collective digital fundraising skills have grown exponentially, and so have the giving platforms available to nonprofits for giving days. Each organization has its own needs and reach, and our previous structure of providing a single “giving day hub” no longer fits the times. In recognition of these developments, Forefront no longer hosts the platform, but continues our investment and commitment to nonprofits’ successful digital giving strategies through year-round events, resources, and opportunities.

Forefront offers a dynamic, contemporary, and free webinar series that provides nonprofits with a wide range of tactics, support, and insight in the lead up to Giving Tuesday, or any other giving day. You can watch recordings and sign up for any upcoming webinars here.

Additionally, while GiveGab may no longer be the best fundraising platform for everyone, they still may the right fit for certain organizations. For four years, they provided Forefront with excellent partnership and support, and we still consider them to be one of the best fundraising platforms in the field. If your organization is interested in continuing to use their services you can use this tool to find your ideal Giving Tuesday fundraising solution on GiveGab! Or book a demo directly here.


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