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Forefront works closely with our counterparts in other states to coordinate on federal action impacting the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. Our policy team actively supports Congressional action endorsed by the National Council on Nonprofits, the United Philanthropy Forum, and/or Independent Sector when it aligns with our interests in Illinois and mirrors Forefront’s commitment to racial equity. For more information about specific federal proposals driving investment into our sector and our workforce, see the bill summaries below, which are listed in order of the House number.

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 Policy Priorities

Universal Charitable Deduction – H.R. 3435S. 566


Workforce Development Through Post-Graduation Scholarships – H.R. 3582


Nonprofit SEAT Act – H.R. 3245


Volunteer Mileage Rate – H.R. 3032


Federal Budget

Forefront advocates for federal investment in the social impact sector through the Congressional budget process. This includes appropriations and tax policy. More information will appear here when important federal budget items arise.

Voting Rights

Forefront joins its national partners in supporting legislation that expands and protects the right to vote and the protections for democratic elections in our country. We envision a society in which all people have representation, and we believe that a healthy social impact sector is fundamental to a healthy democracy. We support civic engagement, voting rights, open elections, accountable and ethical government, a full Census count, greater connectivity, and civil dialogue. To this end, we support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR 4 and HR 5746 in the 117th Congress), and will continue to support similar legislation in the 118th Congress.


 Watch List


Forefront is closely monitoring the following federal proposals and may support or oppose them depending on what we learn from our national partners and local stakeholders. Please send questions and feedback to

1.     H.R. 1987 / S.740 (117th Congress) – Work Opportunities and Resources to Keep Nonprofit Organizations Well Act (WORK NOW Act)

2.     H.R.6595 / S.1981 (117th Congress) – Accelerating Charitable Efforts (ACE) Act

3.     S. 2086 (117th Congress) – Resilience, Investment, Support, and Expansion (RISE) from Trauma Act

 Census 2030


Forefront is committed to supporting full participation in the decennial Census; even now, we are thinking about the 2030 Census and encouraging other stakeholders to do the same. We continue meeting regularly with US Census Bureau staff and key partners from our statewide effort in 2020.

 Federal Lobbying Rules


Many sector organizations hesitate to engage in federal advocacy, but Forefront urges sector stakeholders to use their voices within the appropriate guidelines. Stakeholders may learn more about federal rules through partner resources including:

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