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A Defining Moment

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2013 is shaping up to be a defining year for the nonprofit sector, both locally and nationally. The question for us all to consider is: are we going to define ourselves or be defined by elected officials as part of some grand bargain

Form 990 'Transparency' Issue Misunderstood Yet Under Scrutiny: Help Us Protect the Integrity of the Sector!

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In late October, the Chicago Tribune published another in a line of articles on nonprofits, highlighting a new bill by Illinois State Representative Greg Harris (D-Chicago). Prompted by the Tribune’s earlier pieces, Harris’ bill would require some nonprofits, whose contracts and grants are exempted under the Illinois Procurement Code, to disclose relationships with private management companies and for-profit subsidiaries, as a way to uncover executive compensation. In a conversation with Donors Forum, Harris told us this is a “transparency” issue. In a meeting with Rep. Harris after the article was published, Donors Forum agreed that it is important for nonprofits receiving public dollars to disclose key employee compensation.

Letter From the CEO: Trib’s “Raised Eyebrows” Demand That We Raise Our Voices for the Sector

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Daily, over half a million dedicated nonprofit employees work to help strengthen communities, make them livable, solve problems, and meet basic needs like education, health, food, shelter, and the arts. We do this work because we believe in our missions and believe in the role we play in our society – doing the most good for the most needy. And often we do this work while waiting for our contracts to be paid at rates far lower than the cost of providing the services.

State Budget Preview: Further Cuts to Safety Net on the Horizon

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Illinois' economic vitality and the strength of our communities depend on a well-managed and well-maintained network of nonprofit services. While the details of Governor Quinn's fiscal year 2013 budget won't be released until his budget address on February 22, an analysis from Voices for Illinois Children's Fiscal Policy Center estimates that cuts to human services represents 60 percent of the Governor’s total cuts of $574 million.


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