A New MyForefront.Org – A Note from President and CEO Eric Weinheimer

July 22, 2019

Welcome to Forefront’s brand new website! I can’t wait for you to dive in. Now, our workshops, resources, advocacy work, networks, and services will be even easier to access.

We excitedly undertook this effort to ensure that Forefront continues to offer best-in-class support to our Members and strengthen our ability to convene, educate, mobilize, and communicate information about the latest opportunities, challenges, and trends in our sector.

We are eager to hear your feedback. What works on the new website? What can be improved? What is missing?  Because, at the end of the day, this website must serve you and your work. Please let us know at commmunications@myforefront.org. We promise to consider your suggestions and respond with our thoughts.

Thanks again for the critically important work you do every day. Our communities and our society depend on you to stay committed, passionate, and impactful. Forefront can help you get there.



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