Guest Post: Keys to a Thriving Advocacy Program for ALL Nonprofits

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"I’ve experienced the profound impact that advocacy can have on a cause, an organization, and a community; and conversely, how an aversion to advocacy leads to the loss of tremendous opportunities," says Laurel O'Sullivan, Founder and Principal of the Advocacy Collaborative.

Forefront's Response to Gov. Rauner's Jan. 27 State of the State Address

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"The only things nonprofits have been ‘reacting’ to over the past few years are massive cuts and uncertainty from their partner, state government," says Forefront's President and CEO, Eric Weinheimer. "Nonprofits have gone above and beyond to keep their doors open and serve their customers with dignity and respect."

Save the Date of Wed., June 8 for our 42nd Annual Luncheon!

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The Luncheon will honor McCormick Foundation's Donald A. Cooke, and feature world-renowned musician Yo-Yo Ma, the Judson & Joyce Green Creative Consultant at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The event is open to all, regardless of Membership in Forefront.