Luncheon Speaker Receives Standing Ovation for Leadership Talk

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Developing leaders in a community requires a combination of boldness and humility, as well as a willingness to recognize how the strengths of other people can fill in gaps left by your own weaknesses. This was the message Paul Schmitz, CEO of Public Allies, Member of the White House Council on Community Solutions, and author Everyone Leads; Building Leadership from the Community Up, shared with more than 600 grantmakers, nonprofits, and advisors at Donors Forum's 38th Annual Luncheon on June 28.

Letter From the CEO: Trib’s “Raised Eyebrows” Demand That We Raise Our Voices for the Sector

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Daily, over half a million dedicated nonprofit employees work to help strengthen communities, make them livable, solve problems, and meet basic needs like education, health, food, shelter, and the arts. We do this work because we believe in our missions and believe in the role we play in our society – doing the most good for the most needy. And often we do this work while waiting for our contracts to be paid at rates far lower than the cost of providing the services.

The Stories Behind Everyone Leads: The Prequel to Paul Schmitz's Talk at Our Annual Luncheon on 6/28

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According to Paul Schmitz, leadership development and community engagement are one and the same. “Leadership is about taking responsibility – both personal and social – for working with others on shared goals.” Schmitz is the CEO of Public Allies, and in his most recent book Everyone Leads, he explains how the Public Allies training model has molded individual participants into community-based leaders.

Guest Post From CompassPoint: Seeking to Understand the Role of Fundraisers

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CompassPoint and the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund just launched a national survey exploring the role of development in nonprofits. The purpose of the research is to better understand the unique challenges of fundraisers and learn more about the issues that are contributing to high turnover in this critical leadership position.

Donors Forum Releases Report on Community Engagement

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In March 2012, Donors Forum Members, Partners and Associate Partners convened for the first time to discuss how to be more intentional in using community engagement methods to pursue their missions and to contribute to a vibrant and thriving civic landscape. The final report from the March 2012 Convening -- "Engage to the nth Degree" contains an overview of the convening, an analysis of the state of community engagement and strategies to increase it, and an exploration of the relationship between healthy communities and the creation of jobs. It also includes the results from the AmericaSpeaks polling that occurred throughout the convening.

Have It Their Way (Be More Responsive to Consumer Demands): Learn About CSR Best Practices at Our Upcoming Workshop Series

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This morning, I awoke to a highly unexpected story about Burger King ‘s decision to source all of their egg and pork products from cage-free farms. This announcement, from the second largest fast food vendor in the country, really highlights how mainstream corporate social responsibility programs have become, and if this trend continues, all companies may have to prove their commitment to CSR policies in order to remain competitive.

Budget Negotiations Heat Up in Springfield -- Where Are Nonprofits?

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With the end of the legislative session one month away, the Illinois General Assembly is gearing up for a number of critical votes, including the 2013 Fiscal Year budget, a plan to revamp the public employee pension system, and a proposal to cut Medicaid by $2.7 billion -- all aimed at stabilizing Illinois' increasingly perilous fiscal situation. Ensuring our state's budget is fiscally and socially sustainable for the long haul requires a comprehensive solution that draws upon the proven effectiveness of nonprofits to deliver public services and ensure that partnership with the state are well-managed.