Guest Post: Building Bipartisan Constituencies Within the Conservation Movement

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When I heard Mitt Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention, I wondered what had happened to the proud tradition of environmental conservation within the Republican Party. In accepting the Republican nomination for President, Romney only mentioned the environment in passing, and when he did, he derided, to the delight of convention delegates, President Obama’s interest in slowing sea level rise and healing the planet.

Guest Post: Bilingual Presentation on LGBT Community on Oct 2

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In October of last year, in partnership with The LGBT Community Fund of The Chicago Community Trust, Morten Group began a project the likes of which hadn’t been attempted in nearly a decade: conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of the entire Chicagoland LGBT community.

Illinois Ranks 5 out of 51 for Total Individual Giving; 30 out of 51 for Percentage of Income

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According to an interactive online tool from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, people in Illinois give an average of 4.2% of their income, ranking the state 30 out of 51. However, in terms of total dollars, Illinois ranks much higher, coming in at 5 out of 51 states for total contributions of $6 billion.

Details on the 501cometogether Workshops Have Been Announced!

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At the second annual Illinois Nonprofit Conference in Springfield on October 16, we’ll be offering an exciting slate of workshops designed to ensure that your organization is effective and efficient in achieving your mission.

The 501cometogether Illinois Nonprofit Conference, and Me

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As a college senior and intern for Donors Forum, I find myself with a great opportunity ahead of me. No, it’s not the fact that in a short 9 months I’ll have a college degree (although that is a thrilling prospect), but rather the opportunity to meet hundreds of leaders from the nonprofit community at Donors Forum’s 501cometogether Illinois Nonprofit Conference in Springfield on October 15 and 16, 2012.